Riis Academy’s First Annual Science Fair

On January 31st, Riis Academy hosted our first-ever annual science fair! The competition overflowed, literally and figuratively, with interactive experiments and engaging presentations. Congratulations to our first-place winners from Ravenswood Cornerstone for earning the site trophy for the year. Ravenswood presented an informative analysis and demonstration of how to “Rethink Your Drink” based on the harmful sugars within the most common drinks, such as soda and juice. Second-place winners from PS76 showed an exhilarating live experiment of mini pop rockets in action. Placing third in the science fair competition, PS171 displayed colorful art-in-motion by creating and using a paint pendulum. CS111 had a bursting display of an active catalytic reaction. PS166 created an earthquake simulator. Queensbridge explored the possibilities of the question: “Does Color Affect Taste,” with food coloring, juice, and their five senses. Well done to our participants for their hard work and for showing the attendees just how fun science can be! Be sure to check our Instagram to see the experiments in action.

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