Riis Academy’s 2nd Annual Spelling Bee

On Wednesday, March 27, Riis Academy hosted its Second Annual Spelling Bee, another memorable event!

Students from grades three to middle school representing Riis Academy sites Queensbridge, Ravenswood Cornerstone, PS76, CS111, PS166, and PS171, took center stage, showcasing their impressive spelling skills. The competition was both fierce and friendly, with participants vying for first, second, and third place while cheering on their peers.

While each student demonstrated impressive spelling skills, the third-grade students, in particular, wowed the audience during their hour-long round! 

We awarded 12 trophies to well-deserving winners, and every participant received a medal to celebrate their active participation and enthusiastic spirit.

A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to this year’s Spelling Bee’s success!

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