ESOL Graduation

Our ESOL program concluded its winter semester in late March, offering 14 ESOL classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels and serving 224 students.

To celebrate the students’ achievements, staff held three graduation ceremonies and awarded all the graduates certificates of completion.

The graduation ceremonies were a testament to the students’ progress and engagement in the program. They showcased all the learning from the semester with interactive student-led activities, including skits, fashion shows, and karaoke.  Several students made presentations on various topics, such as hypothetical conference proposals, poems, personal narratives about future goals and home countries, and a presentation about our founder, Jacob A. Riis.

In addition to in-class instruction, students enjoyed diverse experiences outside the classroom this semester, such as visits to local parks, library tours, and sightseeing from the Staten Island Ferry. These activities fostered language acquisition and provided valuable cultural exchange and community-building opportunities.

Congratulations to all our students for their dedication and hard work!

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