EmpowerSpeak Sessions

Our CEE fellow, Chow Mong Marma, successfully concluded his EmpowerSpeak workshop series at Riis Academy-InfoTech on April 9th, leading a final public speaking session with a cohort of 12 students.

Chow designed the EmpowerSpeak series, comprising five 90-minute sessions, to equip our students with essential public speaking and communication skills to enhance their post-secondary pursuits in career and education.

During the culminating session, each participant delivered a speech on a personal challenge they had overcome, comparing it to their initial presentation at the beginning of the course. A notable improvement was evident from the program’s start to the final session, with all students reporting heightened self-confidence and displaying assured body language during their speeches.

As a token of recognition for their hard work and commitment to self-improvement throughout the course, each student received a $100 gift card.

Congratulations to the students, and a heartfelt thank you to Chow and Program Director Mike Reiger for their dedication to the students’ growth.

For more pictures from the EmpowerSpeak sessions, visit our Instagram, Facebook, and X pages.

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