Senior Services

Helping seniors maintain active and healthy lives is one of the hallmarks of the Riis Settlement tradition.

The Riis Senior Center operates in our Queensbridge site, and includes a wide range of physical and mental health services to strengthen the minds and bodies of seniors in our community, with the goal of allowing them to live independently and productively. From free meals to health screenings to art projects, our participants are offered over 200 different activities throughout the year to maintain active, healthy lives in a friendly and educational setting.

Emphasizing health education, we employ a part-time nurse to provide on-site healthcare management, weekly health screenings and workshops on topics such as diabetes and bone density. We recognize the need for total health and wellness, and provide exercise classes (such as Tai Chi, walking and dancing), field trips to cultural institutions, financial education workshops, and over 18,000 healthy meals served annually in our cafeteria. Our case assistance capacity has recently expanded to help more senior participants understand legal documents, fill out forms, receive governmental benefits, find referrals to other organizations and answer any other questions they may have.